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❝I was not rescued by a prince; I was the administrator of my own rescue.❞

- Elizabeth Gilbert

One writes for many reasons; posterity, debate, change, fun, will to share ideas, make a point, touch people. Some write to exorcise fears, pains, dreads, to give life to dreams and hopes.

One’s writing is their intellectual fingerprint, the window to their inner self.

I hereby welcome you to my wordly journey.

Kharabeesh is the plural word for “knick-knack” in Arabic. Here, you’ll find all what is clashing up there on my mind; ideas, thoughts, ranting sessions, poems and other more or less messy stuff.

Who am I? The loudmouth next-door who needs some space to express herself; O you who know, and who don’t know me, don’t be afraid, ya marhaba!

You’re free to comment (respectfully, ha?) on anything around, but also to submit anything you think could be great to post here =)

Have a look on the top right corner of your window to find more ways to connect with me out there.

Enjoy the journey!


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